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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  January 16, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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a a man's body is pulled from pool in maryland. captioned by the national captioning institute >> this man's body was pulled from the pond this afternoon and it is still not known when he fell in. authorities recalled to the scene by a woman who was walking nearby when she saw a hole in the eyes. -- a hole in the ice.
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>> there is an area where people are always walking around this drainage pond where there are a number of trails. today, residents say that there was one woman who made a disturbing discovery. the below the icy water in this neighborhood drainage pond, this afternoon, police found a body of a 30-year-old man. >> i never heard of anything, never any problems, spring, summer, winter, fall, you know, never any problems. this is a shock. >> a woman walking her dog around the pond noticed these two holes in the eyes. she told police they were not there the day before. rescue crews, including dive teams were called in to scour the water. after just 15 minutes, they found the man's body 6 feet below. >> there was one person's shoe on land and the other one was found on the us, but not in the
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water, -- on the ice, but not in the water, and europe for the body was found. >> residents say this is not the first time that they have heard of people being out on the pond in winter. >> i have always feared that this would happen. not always those the upon phrase. -- never does the -- not always freeze.e pond for us >> fire officials are once again telling everyone to stay off the ice. >> meanwhile, police are investigating a violent incident early this morning five men were stabbed at the center
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on southbound lane around 1:00 a.m. they found five men on the scene. -- nine men on the scene. the investigation continues tonight. so far, there are no arrests. police are searching for the driver who struck a pedestrian in george prince's county last night and then drove away. a second count -- a second car struck a pedestrian. that driver stayed. the pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene. >> this is tough for drivers and pedestrians. let's show you why. it is on a hill. it makes it hard for cars to see walkers and vice versa. last night, that fact proved deadly. >> he was probably killed on impact. >> police eliminated a tragic
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scene. >> is up to you to get out of their way. >> along this road, a male pedestrian was struck, not once, but twice. >> that is where they marked the spot where the gentleman was killed. >> around 947 -- around 9:40 p.m. saturday night -- >> he looks like he tried to cross the street and was unfortunately struck by a vehicle that kept going. >> green markings, remnants of a deadly collision. >> literally, cars come through here at 60 miles per hour to 70 m.p.h.. >> residents say that, from this vantage point, cars come out of nowhere. >> they tried to run. >> she says that, for the man was struck, it is impossible to see a car coming over the hill. >> it is hard to cross because the hill is up and down. it is very dangerous. >> the risk to pedestrians, there is talk about much-needed
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safety measures. >> probably speed cameras. >> speed bumps or signs to slow down. >> but police are trying to find the driver or drivers involved. >> it is very dangerous. it is a tragic story. >> again, you can see how dangerous it is around here. the first car has disappeared and is gone. police are looking for it. there is no description for that vehicle. meanwhile, there is only a vague description of the victim. he had no identification on him. he was described as a latino male in his 30's. >> thank you. a tractor-trailer accident backed up traffic along interstate 70. it tipped over into the median rent 8:30 a.m. on i-70 eastbound. none of the propane that it was carrying spilled.
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the freeway was backed up for hours. it is now cleared and traffic is moving once again. made his work at the saudi bottom station is going as scheduled -- maintenance work at bottom station isoggy going as scheduled. maintenance is also being done on the red line that is causing delays. a as the country is ready to mark the birth of martin luther king, jr., when church discusses -- one church discusses his legacy. hoyer says that he is pleased that the federal holiday has evolved into something more than just celebrating king's life.
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>> a day of celebration and commemoration, a day of service and reflection. >> across the country tomorrow, people will be volunteering their time to help mark the king holiday. had he lived, he would have been 83 years old. the president and the first lady attended church services. the white house released this picture. the congregation also sang " hebert the" to mrs. obama. she will be 47 -- sang of " happy birthday" to mrs. obama appeared she will be 47 tomorrow. it is a quiet night. temperatures fall from the 30's into the 20's tonight.
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temperatures right now, it is 34 degrees. clouds are beginning to increase and we could see a wintry mix with freezing rain and sleet as early as tomorrow evening. would you not not? stick around and just enough for the busy tuesday morning rush hour commute. nighttime temperatures will be in the 20's to the lower-to- middle-30's. come -- l to >> i had a choke hold on him. roger had a need to the back of his neck. >> more on the tragedy in tucson. they're incredible stories are coming up. the white house is preparing for a major diplomatic visit to this week.
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washington is preparing to host a visit from president hu jintao. president obama will host a state banquet in his honor. there will discuss a wide range of issues, including trade, nuclear power -- nuclear proliferation, and north korea. chan and the u.s. have differences, but they can both benefit from finding common ground. work inis back to congress. the tucson event has shed light on the harsh rhetoric. house republicans hope to repeal the health care law
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passed last year. gas prices are still hovering over the $3-mark. it is now $3.10 per gallon. it is a 34 cent increase from a year ago. in the metro area, gasoline is averaging more than $3. crude oil is trading at $91 per barrel. we will be back with more details about possible freezing rain in the forecast.
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congresswoman gabrielle
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difference is spending her first day breathing on her own since being shot eight days ago. many shared their story this morning. >> it was the day they will never forget. >> i looked over and it was just, bang, bang, bang. >> he was pulling a magazine from his pants pocket with his left hand. i was able to pull the magazine. >> those were the personal connections to the shootings, trying to make sense of the senseless. >> there were maybe throw things done by normal people. these were human beings. to me, that is the most lasting impression, to see what people were doing for someone else. >> will in tackled the gunman. >> i had a choke hold on him. roger had a knee on the back of his neck. every time he moved, i would tighten my grip. >> i felt the bullet in the back
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of my head and it was a stinging, burning sensation. >> daniel hernandez came to ffords ayden. gibbon >> we need to utilize this to have a more constructive conversation in the future. >> it would seem to be a threat against a tea party leader appeared in the end, this tucson school girl said it best. >> i think it makes the world sound like a crazy place sometimes. meanwhile, diane sawyer sits down with congresswoman husbande giffords's this week. it will be a special edition of
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"20/20" this tuesday. tomorrow night, there may even be some drizzle tonight in the shenandoah valley. no need to worry. do not alter your plans for tonight. tuesday morning maybe a different story. clouds are rolling in from the south and west, all part of a complex system that will bring wintry weather as soon as tonight and into tomorrow. the best chances tomorrow night and into tuesday. right on target for this time of year, and morning low of 33 degrees and in a record low of 22. way out in western maryland is looking at 18 degrees at this hour after a high of 26 degrees. the children's hospital in the district, it is at the freezing mark.
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temperatures are in the 20's to the lower-to-middle 30's. the really cool there is off to the north and west of us, across the great lakes. detroit is only 16 degrees. the upper midwest is in the single digits. eventually, we will have it took of this in our area by friday or saturday. it is well below average for this time of year. clouds are starting to stroll in from the south) no. 2, it is across -- from the south of us. no. 2, it is across the great lakes. notice this area of pink. this is freezing rain. it will eventually make its way across to our region. it appears to be just in time
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for the rush hour commute on tuesday. we have no advisories' or watches or warnings right now. but definitely turn into night at 11:00 p.m. and we will update you. it is going to be mostly cloudy tonight. tomorrow, it will be mostly cloudy skies. there is the wintry mix turning over to all rain on tuesday. it will stick around by wednesday morning and it will be colder by the end of the week. >> chicago saw some snow today. it looked very nice from my couch. >> yes. the capitals were hoping not to go down. there were quick fireworks. to go down. there were quick fireworks.
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the capitals got just what they wanted today, a game at verizon. the capitals and senators faced this afternoon. but time ran out in the first. the capitals came to light in the third. he takes it the other way and shoots and score. it is tied. 45 seconds later, the face-off comes down to john carlson on the point. watch the slapper. the one-timer is good. they won three-one, an important two points in this game. >> they execute better. it is the only way to score when
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you are in a slump. you will see every team will do that. phillie is the best in the league. they crush the net and get ugly goals there. but they all count. the nfl playoffs, the seahawks are in chicago taking on the bears. jake color is looking for the home run. greg olson gets it and he goes 58 yards, a touchdown. in the first, taylor gives the bears a 14-0 lead. same score in the second quarter and cutler is back to pass. his first option is shut down. he squeezes it into the end zone. 20-10 chicago in the fourth quarter. one more time, a long pass to kevin davis. the 135-24 and advanced to take on the green bay packers -- they won 35-24 and advance to take on
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the green bay packers. >> it was great to take a team on my seattle. we knew this would be a challenge. like i said, we came out against them quit. it got us going. in atlanta last night, 100 two yards for the touchdown. that was the big highlight for atlanta. green bay turned up the heat with a tough evening pickoff. he goes 70 yards the opposite way into the end zone. the packers 48-21. we have not seen him since the end of baseball season. this is the injured pitcher running in a benefit in san diego. it helps to raise money for his
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alma maters. san diego state. he will be taking courses at san diego state this winter and he says that it is great to be back. he will be back on the mound for the nationals. the patriots and just scored. they are tied going into the fourth quarter. thank you. fourth quarter. thank you. we will
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tomorrow, late in the day, flurries will arrive. then freezing rain for the tuesday morning commute. >> thank you for watching. we will see you back here at 11:00 p.m. had a great night.
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